The Kickback/Driver Friendly/Quiet Company – Stanhope House – Stanhope, NJ – 6/9/14

I recently saw the The Kickback, Driver Friendly, and Quiet Company tour come through Stanhope, New Jersey.  Little did I know, the venue, The Stanhope House, is located about 15 minutes away from my work.  This was my first time going to this venue, and it won’t be the last.  There were two local bands that opened the show followed by The Kickback.  The Kickback is a band from Chicago who impressed me.  Not only by their music, but by stage presence also.  These guys were having fun just playing.  The Kickback’s sound is a combination of nice harmonies with almost a garage rock sound.  I hear a mixture of influences in their music.  Think Weezer and the Strokes meet The Police.  I could be off, but judge for yourself below.

The following band was one of my favorite new bands who I have been following for awhile now, Driver Friendly.  As always they brought excitement and energy to the show.  Playing songs from Bury A Dream, Peaks + Valleys, and some new songs from their upcoming full length Unimagined Bridges.  From what I heard that night and online, this new album will be in my top 10 albums of 2014.  There is something unique about Driver Friendly, and as I told the band, I wouldn’t say they are ska or pop-punk because their sound is different.  It is different in a sense that they can do whatever they want on the next albums and still be Driver Friendly.  Their sound lets them have a longevity career.  Their new album comes out in about two weeks, click HERE to pre-order and catch them on tour.  I think you will hear more about them in the coming year.

The last band on the bill was Quiet Company.  I am surprised this band isn’t bigger in the college scene.  They have a great sound and are well trained musicians.  This is what I observed.  I could have been fooled that they are well trained musicians, but they were very good.  The best I could compare them to is Ben Folds meets the catchiness of Kevin Devine.  Personally I could see these guys play on the upcoming Mae reunion tour.  Highly suggest checking them out.

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