Fright Barker & Sons – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/1/14

It’s that time of year again, Musikfest.  It’s the week where the streets of Bethlehem are filled with thousands and thousands of people.  Some are there to enjoy food, some want to enjoy beer, and others want to have one last hurrah until school starts.  Many just want to enjoy the free music throughout the town though.  I am there for the music.  Growing up I always made it a point to see the local ska band Royal Noise Brigade.  Now defunct, the lead singer took his talents to a new band out of New York called Fright Barker & Sons.

It seems as if my past is haunting me because I saw Fright Barker & Sons last year and again this year.  Just like Royal Noise Brigade, I am making it a point to see this band each year.  However, Fright Barker & Sons doesn’t sound like Royal Noise Brigade, but doesn’t stray too far from the sound.  They aren’t a ska band, but a gritty jump or Dixie punk band.  That’s what their website said, either way, it is music you want to get up and dance to.

Playing for a solid hour, Fright Barker & Sons ran through a set featuring original tunes and also plenty of covers.  Giving their own sound to the covers, the crowd could still enjoy these revamped songs.  However, it wasn’t until the end of their set that the crowd started loosening up and joining in the songs.  Being the first band on this stage and being the opening night of Musikfest, the crowd was still waking from their yearlong Musikfest slumber.

In between songs, Ugly and Charles exchanged jokes as usual.  Some were about random occurrences while others were about the next song.  The crowd seemed to pick up on the jokes and laugh along.  Adding to the stage performance, Ugly, who already has a great stage performance, jumped off stage and started putting all his might into the song.  Pounding at the ground, ripping out the grass, Ugly wanted the performance to make an impression on the crowd.  Which I think it did.

My only complaint with Fright Barker & Sons is that they don’t have music available to buy, yet.  Hoping to see some music available soon, I can see Fright Barker & Sons opening for some national acts throughout the tri-state area.  Hopefully it will happen, and hopefully I won’t have to wait till the next Musikfest to get my fix.

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