Reel Big Fish – Xfinity Live! – Philadelphia, PA – 9/20/14

Last Saturday Xfinity Live in Philadelphia hosted another free concert outside and they picked the best band to play.  College football on a big screen, tons of college kids, and endless amounts of booze, what better band to play this party other than Reel Big Fish?

I haven’t seen Reel Big Fish live in years.  It isn’t because I stopped listening to them, far from it, it was just every time they came around I couldn’t make it.  I use to see them once a year in Allentown, but that venue had some…issues.  Knowing this show was happening, I cleared my scheduled and went down to Philadelphia to get my long overdue fix.  I was actually nervous because with Scott and Dan gone, I wasn’t sure how the chemistry on stage would be.  However, within the first song, I knew everything would be okay or dare I say, better.  Reel Big Fish’s horn section is a lot more entertaining than ever before while Aaron Barrett still has his humor and funny poses.  I must say I missed seeing this band once a year, I’m kicking myself that I’ve missed them for so long!

Reel Big Fish went through a set list filled with their best material everyone would know.  Playing a show like this, I understand why.  There were a lot of fans, but there were also a lot people that probably didn’t know who Reel Big Fish was.  Since it was free anyone was walking through.  Playing known songs like “241”, “Beer”, “Where Have You Been”, and “Sell Out”, Reel Big Fish also snuck in covers everyone would know like “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, “Garden Grove” by Sublime, which fit this crowd, and a little quick cover of “Self Esteem” by The Offspring.  For their encore, I am glad they still do the many covers of “S.R.”, which featured, a punk, disco, country/Mumford & Sons, and death metal version to name a few.  Closing the night was their cover of “Take on Me”, which found me in the “pit”.  I only usually go in during ska bands for some reason.  Since there was a mixed crowd, I was shoved more than being able to dance.  A lot of people were moving like pinballs, but overall it was just great seeing Reel Big Fish again.  It was like meeting an old friend I haven’t seen in years, we got back on track right away.  Once the show was over, I still wanted more.  I know I will have to wait till 2015, but I am making it a point to see Reel Big Fish once they come around again, they don’t disappoint.

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