Gasoline Heart 2015 Tour Day 2: Chicago, IL – 3/24/15


Last night’s show went well, even with a bigger show next door.  The band sounded real good, and so did the sound at the venue.  After the show we made our way to a hotel to crash.  I slept on the floor which is usual for me on tour because I’m not the “talent”.  I give the band the beds.  I have no problem with this actually, the floor isn’t all that bad, and it also makes you appreciate your bed.  It is about a 5 hour drive to our next show in Chicago.  I’ve only been to the airport in Chicago, this time I’m hoping to see a little bit more of the city.

The 5 hour drive consisted of random talks, truck stops, music, and sleep.  Truck stops are usually interesting because you meet some characters.  Such as an attendant trying to get Cannon, the drummer, and I to try the “high octane” energy drink mixed with lemonade.  I passed, but Cannon tried, which lead him to saying it was pretty terrible.

Once in Chicago, the temperature was completely different than St. Louis.  It was cold, windy, and still snow on the ground.  I wish I knew this, for I only packed a hoodie, but touring makes you realize not to make mistakes again.  I tried walking a few blocks to get food and take photos, but it was just too cold.  I ended up getting food at the venue, which if you are in Chicago, try Beat Kitchen’s food, it is amazing.  I took over the merch table to organize it better, hoping we sell tons and tons of merch.  Wishful thinking.  However, this was only day two and even though we aren’t selling out shows, it is nice to see a band just enjoying each other’s company on the lonely road.

The show was really good again and the opening acts sounded good too.  Gasoline Heart played great as always, maybe better than in St. Louis.  They really are a tight sounding band.  Not sure why more people don’t follow them.  I did make $20 in tips, which is crazy, and we were able to crash at a friend’s house they knew.  Another thing that commonly happens on tour is crashing on friends’ or even fans’ house floors.  Lastly, another great thing about the show was meeting fans that came from 6 hours away to see Gasoline Heart.  I’ve done some crazy things for bands, but not travel that far!  That’s commitment!

Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL – 3/24/15

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