Gasoline Heart 2015 Tour Day 3: Chicago, IL – 3/25/15

Gasoline Heart Day 3 1

Today is a day off and currently noon.  Everyone is still sleeping and I’m just relaxing and reading.  Sometimes days off can be good, to get a break from driving around.  You also tend to sleep longer and take it slow.  I talked with the person that we are staying with about photography and social media.  She is a photographer herself and I was seeing if she had pointers.  Social media is an interesting concept.  I am not one to sit and post statuses all day, but now a days it’s the only way to get your photos or name out there.  I am still trying to figure out the science to it.  I think it comes down to, what is my goal with all this?  I have an MBA, and a great job, photography is just a side thing.  I’d like to see it go far, but at the same time I want to photograph other things besides music and see other places.  I guess its healthy to think about life and where to go.  Others just let it all pass by or have their hand-held through life.  I’ll figured out my spot in the photography world, but for now I’ll enjoy just promoting the bands I like.  Days off make you think.

We walked the streets of Chicago on our day off. We got some good tacos at a place called Big Star, then walked to a record shop, followed by getting Chicago style pizza.  I’m a thin crust guy, but Chicago pizza is pretty darn good.  I may have eaten one too many.  From there we went back to the house to watch St. Vincent, which was very good.  Then we ended the night by going to a studio owned by one of the kids whose family owned Cornerstone Festival.  We sat around a fire pit and talked music until about midnight and then headed back to sleep.  Chicago seems like a fun city and I will have to come back.  On tour you don’t get to see a lot of a city, but you do see some things you’d never expect to see.

Listen and download some music!!

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