Fright Barker & Sons – Musikfest Café – Bethlehem, PA – 8/11/15

It’s that time of year again in the Lehigh Valley, Musikfest.  A ten day festival filled with free music, food, booze, and a sign that the summer is coming to an end.  I’ve written about this festival last year and my history with the event.  It seems like my history is repeating because I now attend the festival each year for one band.  That would be Fright Barker & Sons.  Hailing from New York and playing their gritty swing punk music, Fright Barker & Sons played on an big, inside stage this year.  However, having a hour and a half time slot in a big room caused some awkwardness.  This is a band that is used to playing low to the ground and in your face, but that didn’t stop lead singer Ugly from getting into the onlookers’ faces.  Keeping their energy and humor, Fright Barker & Sons played the full hour and a half time slot without fail.  With breaks in between songs, lead singer Ugly kept the crowd entertained with his other “job”, a raffle, and stories.  Some onlookers may have gotten it, while others didn’t, but no one left the show earlier because I think they all wanted to know what will they do next.  I myself is wondering too, what is next for Fright Barker & Sons.  Hopefully a proper album release and more shows.  Only time will tell, but lets hope it isn’t until next Musikfest.

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