Blacklist Royals – Bull Shooters Saloon – Philadelphia, PA – 9/19/15

Rounding out my week of shows was one of my favorite bands, Blacklist Royals playing at a bar/venue located on the outskirts of Philadelphia.  Blacklist Royals were doing a quick tour throughout the east with the band The Goddamn Gallows.  I haven’t seen the Blacklist Royals in years since their tour with Face To Face and made it a point to get to this show.  I hold this band close to me because when I thought there was no more new music out there, Blacklist Royals came in and changed that for me.  They also got me back into punk music which I was neglecting for years.  With only about a 45 minute time slot, Blacklist Royals opened with an older song, “American Hearts” and from there ripped through a set of newer songs and a cover from The Cure.  There was little talk in between songs, but we did get to hear a new song which sounded just as good, if not better.  Rumor is a new EP will be released beginning of next year.  Finally hearing more songs off Die Young With Me live sounded so much better than the recording.  I thought the recording of that album sounded powerful, but in a live setting, you can hear and see how those songs mean so much to the band.  I only wish this album got them a lot bigger in the industry.  The wait was well worth it, and I hope I don’t have to wait a long time again to see Blacklist Royals.


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