John The Gun – Maxwell’s Tavern – Hoboken, NJ – 10/2/15

I haven’t attended an all local bands show in quite some time.  The main reason being that I just never looked.  I usually know about these shows from a friend or someone asking me to come.  For this show I was asked by my friend John from John The Gun if I was interested in coming.  Knowing that his band was headlining, I said yes because I want to support my friends.

By 11 o’clock John The Gun took the stage.  I’m  not saying this because I am his friend, but John The Gun sounded excellent.  Think Brand New meets Coheed and Cambria meets Rufio.  With about 45 minutes, the guys in John The Gun played without much talk to the crowd.  Playing a good amount of songs off their debut release, Tread Eternal, John The Gun played with more energy than any local band I’ve seen in awhile.  If I was a casual customer at Maxwell’s and heard this band, I would’ve been impressed.  For how young the band is, not the members, I wouldn’t have believed my ears.  It was also nice to see the band moving around on stage during their set.  If it is one thing I can’t stand, it is bands standing still on stage.

I hope to see John The Gun at more shows, hopefully national band shows.  The band has potential to get some good exposure, and I hope to watch them rise.


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