Dave Davies/Edward Rogers – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – 10/22/15

Last Thursday I made my way down to Asbury Park to the legendary Stone Pony.  The last time I photographed inside the Stone Pony was for The Specials.  It was a fun show and I enjoyed the Stone Pony, I couldn’t wait to photograph inside The Stone Pony again.  I was given the chance to that for a show with Dave Davies and Edward Rogers.  Even though there wasn’t a barricade for photographers I made the best of it for photographs.

Edward Rogers opened the show for Dave Davies.  You may be asking who is Edward Rogers, is he a new artist?  Well, no, if you research Edward Rogers you will find out that he has an extensive history in the music industry.  From England and now located in New York, Edward Rogers was accompanied by two guitar players for his set.  As a trio, all three members looked liked they were enjoying the show.  In between songs, Edward would give insightful history about some of his songs.  His music is very folk/singer songwriter, but don’t think it’s coffee house sounding.  There is plenty of rock in Edward’s music and the crowd would agree.


Dave Davies put on an electric show.  Playing mostly The Kinks’ songs.  Dave busted through a 14 song setlist.  It was an exciting and emotional time for Dave since he hasn’t been in Asbury Park in quite some time.  With talks of his brother, flying underwear, and crowd participation, after all these years, Dave still puts on an excellent show.  Also not having a barricade shows how much he likes being close to his fans.  That intimate setting will have people talking about his shows for years.  Where others at his level keep fans arm reach away, Dave embraces it.  If we never get a Kinks reunion so be it, but if you want something the closest to it, next time Dave Davies is in your town make sure you go.


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