Somewhere In PA – 10/17/15

Before I headed to Lancaster to photograph the Bouncing Souls, I decided to take a detour to the middle of nowhere.  I’ve been photographing concerts consistently lately and I’m not complaining, but even though it is fun its starting to become mundane.  Inspiration has become non existent with me, which happens from time to time.  When I start feeling the lost of excitement, I know its time that I start looking for something more.  I never know what will help me to become inspired, but most of the time its the unknown.

I once heard that when you stop seeing new places, you stop learning.  Having a full time job and only being able to “live” on the weekends, or sometimes week nights, can put a damper on plans.  Lately I feel like I can only visit a new place for a quick second or not at all.  It’s not what I want when photographing.  I want to take my time and soak it all in.  I want to find those spots not seen by others, I want to experience the unknown.  This little detour was the start of bringing back my inspiration.  It helped a little because I miss learning how to take the best photos I can.  Also it was nice to be out in the unknown by myself seeing something not many people will stop to enjoy.  Some people may just drive right through, but I wanted to appreciate this moment and leave a little bit of me there.

Somewhere PA 1 Somewhere PA 2 Somewhere PA 3 Somewhere PA 4 Somewhere PA 5 Somewhere PA 6 Somewhere PA 7

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