Digger / Walter Krug / No Blitz / Admit Nothing – Jabber Jaws – Allentown, PA – 11/27/15

On Black Friday, the Lehigh Valley experience not one, not two, but three reunions at Jabber Jaws in Allentown.  Definitely a trip down memory lane for everyone in the room, and the three bands that reunited still have it.  Opening the show was a new local punk band Admit Nothing.  With influences like Screeching Weasel and Social Distortion, I haven’t heard a punk band like this from the Lehigh Valley in awhile.  It was nice seeing and hearing that a new local band is keeping punk rock alive in the Lehigh Valley.  I feel like the area lost that sound, but maybe Admit Nothing can start to revive that.


Up next was the reunited No Blitz.  Interestingly enough, I remember No Blitz.  I believe it was October 16, 2001 when I first saw them live.  It was my favorite show with The Benjamins, Starting Line, and Showoff.  Another band played, I can’t remember the name, but they covered Rage Against The Machine which was odd.  The show was $5 and I remember No Blitz well because the lead singer came on stage wearing a head band and just kept jumping around.  That always stuck with me.  Fast forward 14 years and the head band is gone, but he still moves around the stage nonstop.  No Blitz plays pop punk at its finest.  I didn’t follow the band growing up, but I wonder what made them stop playing.  Back then they could’ve became a touring band.  Either way they still got it.

The third reunion was Walter Krug.  I wasn’t familiar with Walter Krug, but watching the videos online it seemed like this band had a decent following in the Lehigh Valley.  Playing pop punk and having Blink 182 like antics on stage, I was curious what they would be like now.  The humor is still there, but the sound has slowed down a little, but that isn’t a problem.  Watching Walter Krug, I was thinking this band could start back up again and get signed to a Jade Tree, No Sleep, or Run For Cover label.  Not sure what is in store for these guys, but keep an eye out.


Closing the night was Lehigh Valley’s own, Digger.  I’ve been following Digger for a long time.  Growing up in the area and being somewhat in the “scene”, you knew Digger.  Signed to Hopeless Records, which is crazy to think now, Digger was a touring machine.  Always on the road and always playing hometown shows.  However, this was my first time seeing them live and to be honest they were amazing.  Sounding tight as ever, I’m glad I waited.  At first the crowd was a little hesitant, but when “I Want My Hat Back” busted out, the crowd swarmed the stage.  From then on it was constant singing along and hands in the air.  It felt good to have Digger back.  They played a pretty extensive set, but if I remember correctly, I didn’t hear anything from Keystone.  One of my favorites of theirs, but regardless it was still a great set.  There are a few more Digger shows coming up, if they are near you make sure you check them out.  Not sure what 2016 has in store for Digger, but we can only hope good things.


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