Bake Oven Knob – Germansville, PA – 11/22/15

Fall’s last hurrah.  Another year, another glorious season.  The year is almost over and it is always nice to take a hike and reflect on what has happen.  2015 was indeed a good year, a lot of good things happened, but unfortunately a few lows happened.  While hiking to the top of Bake Oven Knob I thought about these issues and hope in 2016 come to a resolution.  It has to happen because these two lows are part of my personal and professional career in a huge way.  Within the next month I will be taking a journey that is exciting, fun, but also very scary.  I feel my fate is hanging in the hands of someone else, which it is.  Going to Bake Oven Knob helped me clear my mind and just have hope.  What we put in this world is what we get in return.  If we keep thinking and doing negative things, that is what will come back to us.

I posted this before, but Bake Oven Knob is a quick hike to the top.  There are other paths, but there is the easier one.  Still wear hiking shoes because the rocks can become a little tough.  Also bring the kids and dog.  The scenic view is great to see, and if you are having internal issues like me, it is a great place to sit and reflect.  Unless there are people on the top with you, it is very quite to think.  Lastly, when you leave, drive around the area, this area makes for great photos of lone tress.

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