Brian Fallon/Jared Hart/Rocky Catenese – The Crossroads – Garwood, NJ – 12/2/15

I attended one of the Brian Fallon shows at the Crossroads a couple of days ago, but it was considered a “secret show”.  Thursday thru Saturday shows were sold out, but the Crossroads were nice enough to set up another non advertise show for some lucky fans.  I was one of those lucky fans.  I believe this is becoming a yearly tradition and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think anyone that went will tell you it was worth it 100%.

Unlike the other shows, the opener on this night was Rocky Catenese.  I wasn’t familiar with Rocky or his band, The Chapter, but I will be now.  Rocky caught me by surprise.  A very talented guitar player and voice.  Maybe it is what has been going on in my life lately, but I connected with his words quickly.  So much so, I bought his album after the show and also found he mentions one of my friend’s band in the booklet.  I’ll keep my eyes open for additional shows, because acoustic, he was good, but I want to see him with a band.

Playing next was Jared Hart of The Scandals.  The Scandals are becoming a New Jersey favorite and a good amount of the crowd was singing along to the songs.  Jared just got off a long tour with Frank Iero, but still played with enough emotion even if he was tired.  He played songs off his new solo album along with Scandals songs.  It is only a matter of time till we see Jared Hart become a house hold name, so go out and see him and The Scandals before they blow up.

Ending the night was Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem.  Playing for what almost seemed like 2 hours, Brian played almost all Horrible Crowes songs, covers, B-Sides, and a new song call “Low Love” which if this is what his solo work is going to be like we are in for a treat.  Like everyone else, we adore Brian Fallon not only as a musician, but a person.  You can say the Gaslight Anthem has gotten pretty big to the point where they could be considered celebrities.  That doesn’t seem to phase Brian.  Besides his music, what I like about him, and I don’t know him personally and could be wrong, is that he still seems humble.  He hasn’t let the success go to his head.  I’ve been seeing him live for quite some time and each time he still has the same smile and humor about him.  He is a real musician in a sense that he just wants to play music.  He knows his words have touched people, including myself, he hears it probably everyday, but it seems to just make him smile and go on with life.  This also goes for all the guys in Gaslight Anthem, they’ve kept a leveled head through all this.  Again, I have never met or talked to him before so I could be wrong, but these shows show he likes giving his fans a little something to remember by.  These aren’t shows for him, but shows for the diehard fans and if you can make it to one, do it.  Don’t even think, just go because you will leave happy knowing there are still genuine people in this crazy world.

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