John The Gun – Maxwell’s Tavern – Hoboken, NJ – 12/11/15

Friday I made my way to Hoboken to photograph my friend’s band John The Gun.  Even though they weren’t headlining, they still put a great show just like last time.  Sneaking into their set was a cover of “Carol Of The Bells” for the holiday season and a quick little tribute to Scott Weiland with “Interstate Love Song.”  Both covers were done flawlessly, the guitar soloing for “Carol Of The Bells” was spot on and I think Scott would’ve approved of the Stone Temple Pilots cover.  Once again the lighting was a struggle, but I did the best I could.  Even though I personally know the band, I’m not saying this to be nice, but John The Gun is a band you want to check out.  I go to a lot of shows, and seen a lot of local acts, only a few stick out as good to me.  John The Gun is one of them.  Go to their site and give them a listen, and if you like it help support these guys.

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