The Get Up Kids / Into It. Over It. / Rozwell Kid – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ – 12/12/15

On December 12 The Get Up Kids performed in New Jersey for their 20th anniversary.  Some may say, “I feel old”, but after the show ended I think the audience felt like their youth.  Opening the show was new Side One Dummy Records records signing Rozwell Kid.  I didn’t know what to expect from this band, but I was impressed.  Constant guitar riffs and solos with the in your face guitar action.  I haven’t seen a band with this type of stage presence since seeing Midtown.  I hope people take notice to Rozwell Kid, the guitar playing is top notch and we need more guitar driven bands like them in the world.

Playing next was Into It. Over It., who has become an underground success.  I saw Evan play solo with Matt Pryor and James Dewees of Get Up Kids a few years back and even then he had a fairly big following.  Since then his fan base has definitely grown.  Pretty cool to see someone grow to become successful.  Seeing Into It. Over It. with a full band reminded me of Death Cab For Cutie.  Evan and company played a great set which had the crowd pleased, I’d expect to see him touring next year as well, but maybe headlining.

Closing the night was The Get Up Kids.  Twenty years of this band and I was only 8 when they came on the scene.  I have no street cred saying I was their when they started.  I didn’t get into them until high school when On A Wire was released.  The Get Up Kids jokingly said they were only playing songs that were 20 years old, which they sort of did.  They didn’t play anything after On A Wire, and only played “Campfire Kansas” from On A Wire.  They even played covers off of Eudora.  For all those fans that wanted the ideal Get Up Kids set list, this tour was it.  Even though I would’ve like to hear some songs off Guilt Show and There Are Rules, it was great to see the Get Up Kids again, hoping it isn’t the last time.  They still can put on a great show and I feel sorry for anyone that missed out on this tour.

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