Good Old War / Sawyer Fredericks – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY – 12/16/15

Seems like I’ve been photographing every other night.  This time I found myself photographing in New York for Good Old War’s holiday show.  I never shot or been to Bowery Ballroom, but found out there was no barricade which made photographing a little difficult.  The only opening act was 16 year old Sawyer Fredericks.  When researching, I found out Sawyer was a contestant on the show The Voice.  Not thinking much, since I don’t watch the show, a good amount of people came out to see his performance.  I must say, for a 16 year old, this kid can sing and play some soulful guitar.  Playing a 45 minute set, Sawyer talked very little between songs.  When he did he was always smiling, looking very excited to be performing.  Even though he was on The Voice, I think people should give him a chance because he definitely has talent and a promising career ahead of him.

Good Old War is a band that should be a lot bigger than they are.  I believe this was my fourth time seeing them and each time everyone in the crowd is singing and dancing.  It is like everyone just forgets what is happening in their life and just enjoy the moment.  Now this should happen at any concert, but with Good Old War there is something different about there shows.  For this this holiday show they played a good mixture of their songs, I was hoping to hear “Broken Into Better Shape”, but their set included some of my other favorites.  During “Coney Island” a fan came on stage to help sing from the Pledge Music campaign, and he did a good job.  The group ended with “Loud Love”, but came back to sing three more in the crowd.  This has become their signature encore and probably the best encore any band has ever done.  Good Old War breaks down the fan/musician barrier gives fans something to remember the night by.

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