Moneen / Prawn – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA – 12/18/15

A little late due to vacation out of the country, but my last concert of 2015 was probably my best concert of 2015.  Unfortunately I was able to photograph all the bands due to taking too many of Moneen and only have two memory cards on me.  Sorry Moving Mountains, however, I had to take a lot because of very low light and location.  Also because I was excited to see Moneen again, I was more focused on watching the show.

Opening the show was Prawn from North New Jersey.  Surprisingly really close to where I am located.  A mix of Brand New and Death Cab For Cutie, Prawn seems to already have a decent following.  A good amount of people were screaming back lyrics while the band brought an excellent stage presence.  I am surprised I haven’t heard of this band before, they seem like they would be on multiple national tours, Balance And Composure comes to mind.  I will admit though that while watching them I kept thinking the lead singer looked like Brian O’Halloran who played Dante in the movie Clerks.  That’s a compliment, don’t take an offense to that if you’re reading this.

The first time I saw Moneen was back in 2001 I believe, ticket stub is somewhere, with Midtown and Senses Fail.  I didn’t know Moneen at that time, but I never forgot them after that performance.  From then on, they became one of my favorite bands.  The Red Tree was phenomenal, but The World I Want To Leave Behind hit me in some other way.  Still on a search for it on vinyl.  I actually names my concert photography page after their song “Hold That Sound”, details below.  It’s been some time since the Canadian band made their way to the U.S. and it was a blast.  I was curious if they still had their energy on stage.  When “Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do” started, Kenny Bridges was already off the floor.  For the rest of the set, the band constantly jumped, slid, and screamed.  It was like they never stopped as a band.  Only one song, “Hold That Sound”, off of The World I Want To Leave Behind was played, which I will take.  However, there were some other songs I’d like to hear from that album, I was good with what I got though.  It was just amazing to see this band play once again.  I don’t what the future holds for Moneen, but if they do more dates in the future around my area I will be there.

I started getting into photography because I was burnt out. Burnt out of negative remarks on social media and in the world. It seemed like no one was ever happy, just wanted to complain. This was four years ago. I picked up a camera and set out to photograph how I see the world and what inspires me. That there is more to life. I wanted something to pass down to my kids so they knew I didn’t wait for life, but went out there to get it myself. I want to show them anything is possible with a positive mind and I’ve done things that made my life rich. Music is my biggest inspiration. If I could express to every band what they have done for me I would. I am forever in debt to these bands. They are my soundtrack to life. After a year of photographing I decided to photograph concerts to show people these are the bands I listen to and what they are about, check them out. My biggest inspiration was a song called “Hold That Sound” by Moneen. I don’t know what the song means, but I interpret it as someone living a life full of hope and doing what they love, me. Having a life worth living. Holding the sound is done from me taking photographs of bands and holding that sound in a photograph so to speak. Hence my concert photography – Hold That Sound Photography. Concert photography has taken me to some amazing places and I’ve met some of the people that inspire me, again nothing is impossible. Last night I got to see Moneen, reunite in Philadelphia, I never thought that would happen. I was sick before the show and now I’m really sick from singing and yelling back the words. This band’s music has helped me in many ways. Getting to talk to Kenny and tell him what Hold That Sound and his band means to me and having him hug me at least 5 times through the conversation from happiness, you can’t buy something like that. You can’t bottle and sell that appreciation. I never thought I’d see Moneen again, but again, nothing is impossible. My point is, find what inspires you, run with it, and never let it go. We live in a crazy, weird world and I don’t have all the answers or know what I am doing in life, but what inspires me keeps me going and living an amazing life. Also listen to Moneen.
“And you hold that sound,
A chance for you to never let go.
And you want what’s mine,
A life worth living.
And you watch the world,
Watch it all crumble down.
But you’ll hold that sound,
Before you let go.”


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