Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ – 3/17/16

I’ve lost track as to how many times I’ve seen Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in concert.  I’ve also lost track as to how many times I’ve photographed them.  However, one thing I do remember is that they always put on a great show.  It is crazy to think that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy have been around for 23 years.  For a touring swing band, that is impressive.  Not to mention having the same members.  Bands with only 4 members have a hard time staying together, try 7 members!  They make it work though, and you can tell when you see them live.  Always smiling, playing side by side, cheering each other on, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy know how to keep each other happy.  Each time I see them, I know I will walk away in awe.  The Montclair show at the beautiful Wellmont Theater was no exception.  The guys in Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played songs off all their albums with a main focus on their Self-Titled, How Big Can You Get?: The Music Of Cab Calloway, and their latest and very good offering Rattle Them Bones.  Also the crowd in New Jersey got to witness a guest star during the song “Devil’s Dance”.  Tap dancer Hilary Marie came out during the piano solo and tapped along.  She would also come out during the encore and final song “So Long-Farewell-Goodbye”.  This was different to see at a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show, but it fit right in.  Not sure if any other stops on this tour got a special guest star, but Hilary should be added into the band with her talent.  One thing Scotty Morris did mention was that the band was in the studio working on a new album.  No new songs were played, but it was good to know that there is new music coming shortly.  By the time it is released and toured on, the biggest band in the world will be 25 years old.  I hope they party hard off that age, because this band deserves it.

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