The Movielife / Crime In Stereo / Incendiary / Aviator – Webster Hall – New York, NY – 3/24/16

For two days, I photographed The Movielife perform, one day in New York and the other in Philadelphia.  Each night was a different experience and each night made me love the band even more.  The first night was in New York for a hometown headlining show.  The opening bands on this show were handpicked by The Movielife and the first band was No Sleep Records’ Aviator.  Hailing from Massachusetts, Aviator played a very high energy set with the lead singer giving an emotional performance I haven’t seen in awhile.  If I saw this band in a basement or a VFW, I think the place would’ve been torn apart.  Actually, that could go for all the bands on the bill. Each band brought something different and Aviator isn’t hardcore, nor are they emo.  They are good mix of both and being on No Sleep Records is the best fit in my opinion.  Take a listen for yourself below.

If Aviator wasn’t hard enough for the crowd, Incendiary took care of that craving.  From Long Island, Incendiary has been around for quite some time.  I haven’t seen a hardcore band in some time and Incendiary was a perfect fix.  With constant stomping and jumping, the crowd couldn’t stop from rushing the stage and slam dance.  It was a nice change of pace seeing Incendiary, and I hope it isn’t the last time seeing them.

Last time I photographed The Movielife, they had Crime In Stereo on the bill also. From then to now was a different experience.  Maybe because it was a hometown show for them, maybe because there was no barricade, or maybe something else.  However, this night, Crime In Stereo had an amazing set.  Lead singer, Kristian Hallbert, was in the crowd more than on stage.  Compared to their other performance, this one was one to see.  Crime In Stereo may only play a few shows here and there, but I think they could come back and show these new bands a thing or two.

When The Movielife hit the stage, the crowd went ballistic.  If you weren’t jumping up and down, you were jumping off the stage. The lighting for their set was very dark to take photos, but I managed.  The Movielife played for quite awhile with almost a 20 song set including their newest song “Future Feeling (Afraid Of Drugs)”.  During that song the crowd calmed down for a bit. I will say this song is great progression for a band that hasn’t released anything in years.  I hope we hear some more new songs soon.  The Movielife played almost everything off Forty Hour Train Back To Penn with songs going back to as old as It’s Go Time.  I think for any Movielife fan, this was an amazing setlist.  However the icing on the cake was hearing “Sailor Tattoos” as a full band.  I hope this song gets released as a full band, and I hope in the Philadelphia show they play it again.  Will wait and see.

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