Vance Joy / Blind Pilot / Jamie Lawson – Beacon Theatre – New York, NY – 3/30/16

The Fire and Flood Tour with Vance Joy made two stops in New York due to the first date selling out, however the second date followed suite.  The beautiful Beacon Theatre hosted both shows with the second show being featured here.  Opening the show was English musician Jamie Lawson.  Jamie is the first musician signed to Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbread Man Records.  Jamie played his set of hopeful songs solo with  little commentary in between songs.  Due to the Beacon Theatre only allowing photographers stand in one spot, the photos seem a little repetitive.  With being on this tour and Ed Sheeran’s label, I’m expecting Jamie Lawson to start becoming a well known name.

Following Jamie Lawson was Portland’s Blind Pilot.  Blind Pilot has been around since 2005 and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of them.  This indie folk band not only puts on a good show, they have some of the best songs I’ve heard within this genre.  The group performed for a good 45 minutes with members changing instruments mid set.  This is a band that is multi-talented and like Jaime Lawson, I’m expecting to start hearing them in lot more places.

Closing the night was Vance Joy.  Coming off the Taylor Swift tour, Vance Joy embarked on his own tour which saw many sold out shows like the New York shows.  Playing just under 15 songs and a cover, for being 28 years old, Vance Joy performs as if he is a pro.  Through out his set, Vance barely stopped smiling and sang flawlessly.  For a young age, it must be a dream to realize this is what you do for a living.  In between songs, Vance described meanings of the songs and also told stories.  One story was about when he got signed while performing in a small open mic in Australia.  He explains the record person was in tears from his music, but he just thought he was drunk.  Vance Joy made the night a storyteller’s type of night.  As I said, for a someone this young, Vance Joy won the lottery and it can only get better from here on up for him.

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