Kiefer Sutherland / Austin Plaine – Mexicali Live – Teaneck, NJ – 5/12/16

Photographing musicians has brought me a lot of opportunities and finding some of my new favorite bands.  It has also taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and just embrace ambiguity.  However, I never thought I’d photograph a movie star, let alone a good movie star.  It happened in Teaneck though, at Mexicali Live when the Not Enough Whiskey Tour featuring Kiefer Sutherland and Austin Plaine came through town.

Austin Plaine has become one of my favorite new artists.  Ever since seeing him open for Brian Fallon I’ve been hooked.  Not only is his music sincere and honest, but his back story is one to look into.  A real inspiration for wanderlusts.  For this tour Austin was going solo, just him and his guitar.  Playing in front massive crowds again, Austin is no stranger to this.  His stage presence boosts confidence and positivity, you’d think he has been doing this all his life.  I think he made the right decision in life to become a musician.  Even people around me talked about how good he sounded.  For this show Austin played from his debut album, but also threw in two new songs called “Honey” and “Still Forever”.  Will we hear these songs on a new album, not sure, but we can only hope it will be soon.

Closing the night was actor Kiefer Sutherland.  Now one may think, another actor getting into the music industry, please.  However, Kiefer has been planning this for quite some time.  Even on set he was know to be in his trailer writing and playing music.  The only music available under his name is the country esqse song “Not Enough Whiskey” which is good, but don’t think all his music sounds like this.  In fact most of his music is more on the rock side.  Kiefer proves that he can act, but he also proves to be an all around good entertainer.  His stage presence is top notch and his backing band is also.  His drummer’s end solo was worth a watch and the rest of the band prove they aren’t just another shadow on stage.  With about a 15 song set, as Kiefer jokes no one knows, a few covers were thrown in including Tom Petty.  I will say if you had doubts of an actor turning musician, go see Kiefer Sutherland live and I’m sure you’ll leave with a different opinion.

One thought on “Kiefer Sutherland / Austin Plaine – Mexicali Live – Teaneck, NJ – 5/12/16

  1. Kiefer Sutherland is a great actor. He’s craft is top notch. I would have loved to see him live. The thing that I discovered artist create art no matter what the genre. One genre may be more developed, but it’s art.
    In most cases when a top level artist is great at one thing, they train hard when diving into another art.
    They don’t treat it hum drum. That’s what I love, and we get to see it. Mexicali Live is a great venue, can’t wait to visit soon.

    J. Greene

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