Against Me! / July Talk – Webster Hall – New York, NY – 6/3/16

Since 2011, Governors Ball Music Festival has been held in New York around the month of June.  A three day festival featuring array of bands of all different genres.  This year I attended one of their late night shows that was in the city and not on Randall’s Island and featured Against Me! and July Talk.


The show didn’t start till 10:30, but when it did, July Talk took the stage and almost stole the show.  July Talk’s stage presence is very unique.  Between both singers, Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay, they have an interesting chemistry on stage.  Peter is the more aggressive type while Leah plays the troublemaker.  It was like watching the Joker and Harley Quinn in real life.  July Talk is just a band you have to witness live, trust me.  I, along with everyone else at the show, was mesmerized by watching July Talk.  If July Talk is ever playing in your town, go see this band.  It is nothing short of amazing.

The reason why July Talk didn’t steal the show was because as soon as Against Me! took the stage, you could feel the floor beneath you move like waves.  The floor was actually moving beneath my feet!  Every time I’ve seen Against Me! I always expect a crazy show, but never once have I felt the floor move.  Against Me! hasn’t tour in quite some time, let alone been on the east coast in what feels like a year.  It only makes sense for the crowd to go crazy.  Their set list consisted of fan favorites from previous albums and about 6 songs from their 2014 release Transgender Dysphoria Blues.  Also featured in their setlist was about 5 new songs that may or may not end up on the new record and a Clash cover, “Train In Vain”.  My personal favorite of the new songs is “Haunting, Haunted, Haunts”.  Overall against me play around 23 songs including the encore.  For a band that’s been holed up in the studio recording, you can tell they are ready to start the tour circuit again.  We won’t have to wait long though, because the new album will be release in Autumn this year and a tour is sure to follow.

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