Eve 6 – Coda – Philadelphia, PA – 6/11/16

After the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Anniversary show I made my way into the city to catch a band I have been listening to since middle school, Eve 6.  I, like millions of others, grew up in the 90’s.  My taste in music was the same as others, but as I got older, I started to abandon my old tastes and start focusing on new tastes.  However, some bands never left me like Lit, Blink 182, Silverchair, Everclear, The Wallflowers, and of course Eve 6.  To me, Eve 6 was much different than any of the other radio rock bands of that time.  Eve 6’s lyrics were much more complex that they required research, just like poetry.  Their use of words always made me think this band was ahead of their time.  When It’s All In Your Head came out, I thought it was the band’s best work.  Like many bands during that time things would go quiet during the 2000’s.

Now with the resurgence of nostalgic music, movies, and other things people are starting to see life being brought back into their past.  However, Eve 6 only went away for about three years.  Strangely enough while I was on tour with the band Tokyo Rose, we toured with a band called Bandcamp.  That band’s lead singer would fill in on guitar for Eve 6 on their return for only a little bit of time until Eve 6 brought back Jon Siebels.  To me Eve 6 never went away, however I never got to see them live until now.

Since I arrived late I missed the openers, but made it in time for Eve 6.  They started off with “Leech” and already something was wrong with Max’s vocals.  It wouldn’t be until the 5th song that Max explains he is battling bronchitis, but he said you paid for a show and that’s what we are giving you.  Even with being sick, it didn’t stop Max from putting on an amazing 17 song set.  The set included all their hit songs along with other fan favorites.  The set also included two special guests, two fans that jumped on stage to take selfies, dance, and jump around on the stage.  Didn’t phase the band except made them laugh along with the audience when they were chased off.  Even with a sick singer, Eve 6 put on a high energy and fun show.  Hopefully I can see them again when Max is fully recovered.  Let’s also hope Eve 6 has some new material coming and much more touring planned for the future.


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