Eli Paperboy Reed / PEP – Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY – 6/16/16

On June 10th Eli Paperboy Reed released his latest album My Way Home, a return to form album if you will.  With so many record label woes, one would think Eli would give up, but he didn’t.  He came back better than ever.  The album was released while he was overseas on tour, but as soon as he came back to the United States he played to an eager crowd in his now home state of New York.  It’s been awhile since Eli played in his own area, but that just built the excitement.  For his record release show he had local doowop group PEP open the show.  A three female fronted singers group that put a new twist on the sound.  Definitely check out their music below.


Eli Paperboy Reed was backed by three musicians including organ player J.B. Flatt, much smaller than what he is used to.  One might think, how will this correlate without a horn section?  I will tell you, it sounded just as good.  Eli played songs from his first album to his new album and each song packed a punch.  Eli’s stage presence hasn’t halted either, but increased in intensity.  Even the last song of the night, where everyone joins on vocals packs so much emotion.  At one point, it seemed like Eli was going to quit the music industry, but after this album and performance, we can only hope Eli is here to stay.


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