Sherwood / Tyson Motsenbocker / Fialta – Analog Cafe – Portland, OR – 7/19/16

I will admit, the East Coast gets some really cool shows.  It’s very rare I am jealous of the West Coast when it comes to concerts.  However, once and awhile a good show or tour pops up that almost gets me to buy a plane ticket and soak up the West Coast sun.  This time it actually happened.  When I heard Sherwood were putting out a new album, I funded it.  When the band announced a west coast tour, I made sure to purchase ticker in advance. With no guarantee that the guys in Sherwood would embark on a East Coast tour, I made sure I was attending at least one of the West Coast tour dates.

I settled on the Portland date for their West Coast tour due to family living in the state.  Before the show, I got to attend the acoustic meet and greet.  A great way for fans to see Sherwood in a way they never have before.  The guys in Sherwood are probably the happiest band members I’ve ever met.  It quite possibly may be from this tour or maybe they are just happy people in general.  I will go with the lateral.  I’ve met them years before and again they were just as happy.  For the acoustic show, Sherwood performed three songs. A sort of A Capella of “Shelter”, “Never Ready To Leave”, and “Make It Through”.  Afterwords fans were able to talk, have things signed, and soak in the moment.

When Sherwood ended, a couple of bands formed out the ashes.  One of those bands was the two couple group, Fialta.  For this tour, Fialta was celebrating theirsecond full length, Shadow Of A Drought.  This album should be in everyone’s top ten of 2016.  Not only is the album amazing, but Fialta’s live performance is top notch.  With constant member changes on instruments throughout their set, Fialta kept the energy going nonstop.  I wasn’t prepared for how awestruck I would be.  While watching Fialta I kept thinking this group needs to be on a major tour, maybe with X Ambassadors or Of Monsters And Men.  Something to get them major exposure because this group is ready to pop and their live show enhancing their greatness.  I won’t talk too much about their live set because I think everyone just needs to see them live, but first start with their newest album Shadow Of A Drought.

Tooth and Nail Records’ newest signing Tyson Motsenbocker played next.  Prior to the show Tyson was featured on Nate Henry’s podcast, Don’t Feed The Trolls.  On the podcast they talked about Tyson’s story.  His story is a very inspirational, sad, and enlightening.  This comes across in his music.  While Tyson plays, the emotion spills out not only in the words and music, but his face expressions.  Tyson plays from the heart and it shows.  Again, this is an artist that hasn’t made it across to the East Coast, but I am hoping it happens soon.

I was first exposed to Sherwood in college by an ex-girlfriend.  She was a big fan and kept telling me I needed to give them a listen.  I knew of Sherwood, but I never took the time to listen to them.  At this point A Different Light was out and they were gaining popularity.  Oddly enough I would find out that I would be touring with The Fold the summer of 2006 and the second half of the tour would be with Sherwood.  It seemed like a sign that I had to listen to this band.  As soon as the first song hit, I was hooked.  Sherwood’s music was infectious, but it was the lyrics that pulled me in.  With amazing imagery and use of the fall season in a handful of songs, Sherwood would climb to one of my top 5 favorite bands.  Unfortunately I would only meet Sherwood on some day offs with The Fold, but due to interpersonal issues with the band I wouldn’t go on the second half of the tour.  I would however see Sherwood anytime they came through my town.  Then QU came out and I thought it was their best work to date.  That album would hold a special part in my life forever.  To this day, that album is timeless and flawless.  Sherwood is by far the most talented musicians I listen to, from music to lyrics.  With the release of Some Things Never Leave You, I was beyond excited to hear new music from my favorite band.  The album doesn’t disappoint, already in my top three favorite albums of 2016, I couldn’t wait to hear the new songs live.  Sherwood played around 18 songs spanning their whole career.  It’s a shame we won’t be hearing more new songs live, like “Back Home”, but just like when I saw them years ago Sherwood still put on a great show.  I can’t lie, but when “Ground Beneath My Feet” played I had goosebumps the whole time.  It’s an amazing feeling when your favorite band plays your favorite song live.  I’m not sure about the other dates, but Portland had a special guest during their set when Joe Greenetz came out to play two songs on the drums.  This tour didn’t feature Joe because his wife was about to give birth any day!  However I believe Joe lives in Portland which made it easy for him to step in for a few songs.  As good as David is for filling in, Joe just brings together that Sherwood sound.  He should never stop drumming.  After the show I hopped on a plane and headed back East.  My time out in Portland was amazing, and spending my last day with the guys in Sherwood was a perfect ending.

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