Summerland Tour 2016 featuring Sugar Ray / Everclear / Lit – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – 7/23/16

2016 was the Summerland Tour’s 5th year, and even though the 90’s are over, their is still a demand to hear those hit songs live again.  For this photographer, this was my first time photographing any of these bands, let alone seeing them live.  I am a 90’s kid and most of the bands that have been on this tour have been the soundtrack to my middle school days.  In fact, while growing up, Lit was my favorite band.  I did a mail order to them for their first album and a shirt since I was too young to go to concerts.  Years later and finally seeing them along with the other bands I grew up to, due to traffic I missed Sponge, I must say it’s like the 90’s never left.  Each band put on a great energetic show and sounded flawless.  After all these years these bands still got it.  What was mostly shocking though was the crowd.  There was a huge 21 and under crowd.  This made me realize the 90’s will never die.  These bands are now building a legacy and already their second generation of fans are starting to show.  I expect next year to be bigger, however I wonder what the line up will be.  This year had one of the best lineups and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  Although the 90’s passed, you can’t look in the past for this upcoming tour, because nothing like this ever happened!  You’ll just have to pull out your old Jnco Jeans, chain wallet, and pukka shells and countdown till Summerland Tour 2017.

Lit –

Everclear –

Sugar Ray –

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