Jimmy Eat World In Store – Vintage Vinyl Records – Fords, NJ – 10/1/16

It’s been three years since Jimmy Eat World has released new material, but the wait is almost over.  On October 21st, the world will finally have another amazing release from the Jimmy Eat World camp.  Integrity Blues will be released on RCA Records worldwide.  With two songs already released, “Sure And Certain” and “Get Right”, already this album is bound to be another Jimmy Eat World classic.  Before the release and tour, Jimmy Eat World embarked on a couple weeks of press dates on the East Coast including a stop at the legendary Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ.  Sold out in a few days at about 300 capacity, fans were excited to hear some acoustic songs along with a meet and greet.  Who doesn’t like Jimmy Eat World acoustically?  An all acoustic album would be nice one day…

A set list featuring six new and classics songs in this tiny setting was something no one would forget.  Hitting it off with “Lucky Denver Mint” the crowd sang along never missing a word.  “Sure And Certain” and “Get Right” followed, and for hearing the new songs live acoustically was a tease.  Us East Coasters will have to wait till new dates are announced to hear them with a full band.  “Authority Song”, which is a rocker, sounded great acoustically and since Jimmy Eat World was in New Jersey, “Big Casino” had to be played which got the crowd hollering.  Ending the set was “The Middle” where everyone was singing along and in some cases dancing.

Once the show was over, the crowd lined up to meet the guys in Jimmy Eat World.  This was my second time photographing a meet and greet and was my favorite so far.  The great thing about meet and greets is everyone is happy.  From the band to the fans, especially the fans.  No one seems to be in a bad mood and the energy is like no other because fans are finally meeting someone they looked up to for maybe years and years.  There is never a shortness of stories ranging from how the band helped them through hard times, good times, inspiration for tattoos, child’s name, owning every record and in some cases first pressings, or even a wedding song.  The best part for me though is seeing younger fans.  Not only are parents showing kids what a record store is, but also this is a start of a whole new generation of fans to keep the music going.  Let’s face it, Jimmy Eat World will always be able to supply the music.  This band still has the original members after all these years!  I think in-stores like this will inspire fans to keep the music going, it means a lot to us to finally meet our idols even if it is a “hi”.  Jimmy Eat World has a very large and dedicated fan base and we can only hope they will continue as a band for years to come.



2 thoughts on “Jimmy Eat World In Store – Vintage Vinyl Records – Fords, NJ – 10/1/16

  1. Hey, I was there, too! Thanks for sharing these they are fantastic (as usual).

    Are you going to any of the Brian Fallon shows at Crossroads in Dec.?

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