Descendents In Store – Vintage Vinyl – Fords, NJ – 10/7/16

The day before Descendents would play New York City at the Playstation Theatre, they used their day off by meeting fans in New Jersey at Vintage Vinyl for the celebration of their latest album, Hybercaffium Spazzinate.  The band was greeted by fans young, and I mean very young, to old.  Seeing the younger fans is always a treat, especially for Descendents.  Milo would say during the meet that they are always happy to see younger fans.  Younger generations are what will keep the music going for years and years.  The gentlemen in Descendents were the nicest guys, signing anything including body parts, toys, mugs, guitars, taking selfies, and just getting to know their fans.  Goes to show punk rock isn’t all anger and hate.  For about two and half hours, Descendents met fans till 10:30PM, something I don’t think you will see very often out of a band.  They didn’t do it alone though, they definitely had coffee to help them get through.  Make sure to pick up Hybercaffium Spazzinate at your local record store today and catch Descendents on tour!

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