Streetlight Manifesto / Chris Murray / Sycamore Smith – Playstation Theater – New York, NY – 10/28/16

Streetlight Manifesto made their return to New York City a few days shy of Halloween with Chris Murray and Sycamore Smith.  Sycamore Smith opened the show with his folky kazoo anthems in which the crowd sang and clapped along.  It was a surprise to see Chris Murray take the stage since Dan Potthast was billed as an opener, but Chris play his soulful reggae tunes unfortunately until his guitar pick got stuck in his acoustic guitar.  Streetlight Manifesto played a unique set for the books in New York.  Of course their material was played for the first half of the set in which Streetlight Manifesto played ferociously.  For a band with five horn players, they don’t stand in the background, they are front and center and are the main focus of the show.  The improv solos and constant singing back to the crowd is what separates Streetlight Manifesto from the rest.  The encore however was Streetlight Manifesto accompanied by a string section playing Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution album A Call To Arms.  A very rare treat and performance, but for those in attendance, a memorable night.


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