Blink 182 / A Day To Remember / All Time Low / DJ Spider – The Pavilion At Montage Mountain – Scranton, PA – 8/25/16

Summer, the season where the sun is shining, days are longer, and drives with the windows down and radio blasting with friends are a must.  We can’t forget Summer concerts either, which have become a big staple in a lot of people’s summer to do lists.  One tour though that needs to be on everyone’s list is the massive pop punk tour with Blink 182, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, and DJ Spider.  Having all these bands on the bill is a dream come to true for some, but either way, all these bands on one bill make this tour a must see.

DJ Spider opened the show by playing a lot of 90’s alternative music mixed with the 2000’s.  For the crowd watching, this got them amped up for the night.  All Time Low brought more people under the tent and the guys in the band didn’t stop moving around until their set was done.  A Day To Remember would then grace the stage in summer fashion with beach balls.  Throughout the set, there were an over zealous amount of beach balls flying to and from the stage.  Finally closing the night was Blink 182.  Since the Bethlehem show here , Matt seems to come into his own finally and moving outside his zone given to him.  The setlist included all the greatest hits, but a few others that haven’t been played for some time.  With a fun stage show, Blink 182 are back and ready to take charge.  Now if only we can get a Pop Diaster Tour next year with Green Day.  Hey, a guy can dream.

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