Weezer / The Menzingers – Bethlehem, PA – Sands Event Center – 12/3/16

Weezer is no stranger to the Lehigh Valley.  Playing what could be their fourth time in the area, there is one thing guaranteed, an excellent and memorable show.  Each time Weezer does these one off shows in this area, they always invite a local band.  In this case it was Philadelphia’s The Menzingers.  The Menzingers were added on a few weeks before the show and it was no surprise to see their fans come out in droves.  With a new album, After the Party coming out February 3 via Epitaph Records, The Menzingers hit the stage with “The Obituaries”.  Their set only featured songs from Rented World and On The Possible Past, but they did fit in two new songs from After The Party which got a good response from the crowd.  Even though it seemed like a good amount of the crowd knew The Menzingers, I think they also opened the eyes to new fans.


Weezer’s latest album, Weezer aka The White Album, has a California, beach, summer vibe to it that Weezer tries to portray in their shows.  Especially during “Island In The Sun” where all the members wear leis.  Not to mention the countless beach balls and the ice cream cart.  The show had a lot of firsts also, “Wind in Our Sail” and “Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori” both made their live debut according to Rivers.  However, the highlight of the night must have been towards the end of “King Of The World”, Weezer broke into the epic ending of “Only In Dreams”.  For the encore, Rivers returned and started playing “El Scorcho” on the piano before breaking out into the full band version followed by “Buddy Holly”.  The guys in Weezer took their bow and Rivers gave the crowd his “flying W” sign and once again Weezer gave an epic performance in Lehigh Valley.  2017 marks 25 years of Weezer and let’s hope their 5th performance in the Lehigh Valley.


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