The Bouncing Souls / Masked Intruder / Off With Their Heads – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – 12/10/16

The Bouncing Souls’ “Home For The Holidays” broke the regular tradition this year and instead of playing just New Jersey, they brought the holiday cheer to the surrounding states.  Included in this tour was a city they haven’t played in in quite some time, Philadelphia, PA.  Off With Their Heads came to the stage with their melodic and heart wrenching songs.  During the last song while Ryan Young was in the crowd, drummer Jarrett Nathan of Pears would fill in on guitar duties.  Ryan would return to the stage to only knock down Jarrett and finish the rest of the song sitting on him.  Off With Their Heads never disappoint live.

Masked Intruder were hassled by Officer Bradford this time around until the fourth song in which he jump into the crowd to “arrest” audience members.  While Masked Intruder played their songs of love and crimes, Officer Bradford wouldn’t appear again until their cover of “Your Love”originally performed by The Outfield.  In which case Officer Bradford would strip to only underwear and sing his heart out and have the audience sing along too.

It’s been quite some time since The Bouncing Souls played in the city of Brotherly Love, and that’s exactly what the show was filled with, love.  Playing close to 30 songs, The Bouncing Souls gave Philadelphia a show to remember.  Playing everything from “That Song”, “Hopeless Romantic”, “Lean On Sheena”, “Manthem” and plenty more, The Bouncing Souls even had the crowd vote on a few songs to play.  For a band being close to 30 years, they have a lot of songs to choose from.  However, their choice of songs, which was mostly older material, definitely pleased fans.  A great way to end 2016.

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