Deftones / Rise Against / Thrice – Festival Pier – Philadephia, PA – 6/17/17

The sun is shining, beaches are coming out of retirement, the smell of BBQ’s are in the air, and summer concerts are in full swing.  One summer concert tour not to miss this year is the Deftones and Rise Against co-headline tour featuring Thrice and opening support Three Trapped Tigers and Frank Iero And The Patience on select dates.  Unforunately for me, I arrived a little late for the show and missed Three Trapped Tigers and all of Thrice’s set except for “The Window” and “The Earth Will Shake”.  From those two songs alone, Thrice was putting on an excellent show.  After this tour, maybe there will a headline tour.


While the sun began to set, Rise Against took the stage.  It’s been some time since Rise Against played in Philadelphia, and because of that, they gave the crowd a show to remember.  Lead singer, Tim McIlrath was either in the crowd or constantly moving around on stage while guitarist Zach Blair barely kept his feet on the ground.  However, Rise Against did take a breath when Tim performed “People Live Here” solo, but the remaining four songs of the set picked up where they left off.  A chaotic show from the band and the crowd ensued until the final note.  Rise Against is close to hitting their 20 year mark and if you haven’t caught them in the act yet, don’t worry they announced a Fall tour where you can catch them then.

Closing the night was Deftones.  For almost 30 years, Deftones have been touring and releasing music with barely a break, and it shows.  Besides their on stage performance, Deftones exhibit a great stage show and perform flawlessly.  From songs “My Own Summer (Shove It)” to “Rocket Skates”, Deftones 15 song set showed the band’s diverse catalog and brilliant light show.  Also lead singer Chino Moreno didn’t let the stage and barricade come between him and the audience.  Age doesn’t mean a thing, Deftones have been doing this for almost 30 years and it shows they are still a powerful band, on and off stage.  It also looks like they never compromised their work ethic and that isn’t going to change after 30 years.


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