Good Charlotte / Less Than Jake / Crown The Empire / Like Pacific – Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA – 5/16/17

Last year in July Good Charlotte released Youth Authority, their first release in six years.  With the album’s one year anniversary coming up, Good Charlotte is showing no signs of slowing down.  Before they round out the year with international touring, Good Charlotte did a five day tour with Like Pacific, Crown The Empire, and Less Than Jake.  Life Pacific and Crown The Empire opened each show and both bands were pure energy from start to finish.  Less Than Jake however stole the show, not only being the only ska band on the bill, but having a great stage production and an entertaining set.  Good Charlotte closed out the night playing a collective mixture of songs spanning their career to fans that even when they went on hiatus never stopped or forgot them.  With 22 years under their belt and more to come, Good Charlotte show they will never stop.

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