The Pietasters – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/12/17

Musikfest is known for having countless of free stages during their festival.  Most of the time it is local bands, or regional bands from Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  Sometimes they will have a couple of touring bands perform, but no one with a extensive history.  However, this year boosted some surprises including Washington D.C.’s The Pietasters.  In all honesty, The Pietasters fit Musikfest’s rooster of bands to play and it showed at the show.  The courtyard of the Sun Inn was crammed with fans and on lookers to the point that The Pietasters could’ve played one of the bigger stages on the south side of Bethlehem.  Playing an extensive setlist, mostly due to Musikfest having bands play almost 2 hours, The Pietasters didn’t have any problem filling in the time gap.  The Pietasters played everything from Oolooloo to All Day, nothing was missed and the energy was consistent.  I think this proves that The Pietasters should be a staple at future Musikfests.

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