John Carpenter – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA – 11/18/17

John Carpenter, the man behind such films as Halloween, The Thing, They Live, and Christine to name a few, has been scaring and entertaining us for many years with his films.  Let’s hope for many more years, but it isn’t just his directing and screenwriting that scares us the most, it is his music.  Along with all the movies John Carpenter has filmed, there is a big chance he also did the music.  His music is just as important to the scene as the characters are. The music is what drives you stay connected and wonder.  From opening credits to the end credits, you have probably heard John Carpenter’s synthesizer driven songs, and probably hum them to yourself a few times.

Recently, John Carpenter has taken his songs from the screen to the concert venues.  With a full backing band, featuring his son Cody Carpenter and Dave Davies, of The Kinks, son Daniel Davies, John Carpenter’s songs come to life in a way one couldn’t have imagined.  The Trocadero show featured a screen that projected clips from Carpenter’s films while the band played the theme songs.  Some featured songs were Escape From New York theme, The Fog theme, Big Trouble In Little China, and Halloween.  Sprinkled throughout the set were original songs John Carpenter has composed that weren’t featured in films, but stand on their own.  Songs like “Vortex” and “Mystery” could easily fit into his own film or someone else’s.  John Carpenter is a man of many talents, and seeing these songs come to life in a concert setting is enough to make you realize movies are more than pictures.

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