The Get Up Kids / Kevin Devine / Shannen Moser – Trocadero Theatre – Philadelphia, PA – 12/31/17

Philadelphia rang in the New Year with The Get Up Kids at the Trocadero Theatre. Opening the show was local musician Shannen Moser and long time friend of the Get Up Kids Kevin Devine.  Shannen Moser opened the show with cello player Julia Peters and played a set of soft and blissful songs to a hometown crowd.  Kevin Devine on the other hand, with his backing band, played a bombastic electric set.  Having seen Kevin only solo, his electric sets are just as intense, but Kevin himself doesn’t stop moving around the stage in the electric setting.  The Get Up Kids played till a minute before midnight to ring in 2018, afterwords they proceeded to finish their set which was filled throughout the night with older songs and a few deep cuts like Replacements cover “Beer For Breakfast”.  Even though they were far from home for the holiday, the Get Up Kids seemed to enjoyed bringing in the New Year in the city of brotherly love.


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