This Is Croydon Fest! – Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company – Croydon, PA – 4/28/18

A lot of people say that ska music died in the 90’s, but there are still fans out there that swear by the music.  If you take a look at the current attendance of fans at shows, ska music is still alive and well.  In fact, in 2018 the weekend of April 28th, California hosted a festival called Back To The Beach that featured more than enough ska bands to make the ska music glee with joy.  However, and not sure if it was a coincidence, the East Coast hosted their own type of ska fest on the same weekend.  It wasn’t as massive or on a beach, but the bands on the bill are very respective in the ska scene.  Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company has hosted countless of shows, but this was first major show they put on that wasn’t free.  With a sold out attendance, fans drank and danced all day to the sounds of local band Behind Deadlines, New York’s High School Football Heroes, Kill Lincoln, Hub City Stompers, King Django, a very rare performance by Spring Heeled Jack, and headliner the Pietasters.  This is Croydon Fest surely gave east coast ska fans something to enjoy while the west had theirs.  Back To The Beach announced their second year, but it is unsure if Neshaminy will be back again with their ska fest.  This Is Croydon Fest seemed like a success and there are plenty of ska bands willing to participate, just have to wait and see.

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