Brian Fallon / Caitlin Rose – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ – 4/29/18

Local artist Brian Fallon made his triumph return to Starland Ballroom, but this time in support of the second release Sleepwalkers.  For tour support he brought singer and songwriter Caitlin Rose who opened the show with a warm reception.  Caitlin’s music fitted perfectly into the night, with her folky country sound, the crowd seemed memorized by Caitlin and her backing band.  Brian Fallon tends to always bring out exceptional openers for his shows, and his fans always embrace them with open arms.  If Brian is hand picking these artists, he mind as well start his own label because he would have an incredible roster.


At this time, Sleepwalkers was only out for a few months, but that didn’t stop the crowd from knowing ever word to those songs along with Brian’s other material.  Out of the 20 songs played, Brian did three covers and had a great mixture of his solo material and Horrible Crowes material.  However, it wasn’t until the end of the set that the crowd was given a treat.  Prior to this tour, Brian Fallon was testing songs out on piano, he did so at a some what secret show in his hometown of Red Bank.  Gallery and review can be seen here.  Coming into this show one thought would this new found rendition of songs make this set list, it did.  Towards the end of his set Brian played Gaslight Anthem’s “’59 Sound” on piano solo, which for those that didn’t catch the Red Bank show, were hands down impressed by new version.  So much so, that you could hear fans in the crowd asking if there will ever be an official recording of this song as this version.  Time will only tell.  Brian closed the night with the excellent opening song to Sleepwalkers, “If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven.”  With his sophomore album a hit with fans and critics alike, Brian can only go up from here.


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