Swing That Cat – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/11/19

On the last day of Musikfest local Philadelphia/New Jersey swing band Swing That Cat played to a packed house at the Frank Banko Alehouse.  Packed house is also in a literal sense, because there was a wait to get inside the theatre in order to see their performance.  Unfortunately, I was one of those fans outside, but after asking the doorman if I could shoot a few songs he allowed it.  This was Swing That Cat’s second year playing Musikfest and in the same room.  The previous year was also packed, but this year it was at full capacity as it should be.  However, with the show being packed there was no room for anyone to dance which makes one wonder, will Musikfest not only move Swing That Cat to a bigger space but also have room for the crowd to dance along to the music?  We can only hope that will be the case next year.  However for this year Swing That Cat exceeded at Musikfest and even though I only witnessed two songs they still put on a good show.


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