Incubus / JJ Wilde – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/7/19

Before Incubus embarked on their “20 Years Of Make Yourself And Beyond” tour, their last regular setlist show was performed in front of thousands of excited fans at Musikfest.  Before Incubus took the stage, the outside venue was already filled nicely for opening performer JJ Wilde.  The Canadian artist and her backing band played for about a hour with a few rain clouds mixed in.  However, Musikfest goers won’t let a little rain ruin their fun.  JJ Wilde was well received with her rock and roll sound and Janis Joplin attitude.  During that hour of time, JJ Wilde moved constantly on stage to the music whil singing with intense emotion.  Here backing band showed off their exceptional talents with the occasional cat and mouse moves with JJ Wilde.  With her debut EP Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands just coming out this year and already having a chance to open for Incubus, I’d say JJ Wilde is an artist to watch.  If you missed her performance at Musikfest, she will be back in Bethlehem on November 6 at the Blast Furnace Room and it should be just as good of show with a more intimate feel.



The rain stopped, the venue was packed, and Incubus fans were patiently waiting for the band to come out on stage.  For about a hour and a half Incubus led its fans on a roller coaster of music.  Opening with “Privilege” from Make Yourself set the crowd into a frenzy while lead singer Brandon Boyd swayed all around the stage.  From there the crowd sang each word and grooved to the heavy melodic songs of Incubus.  Hit song “Pardon Me” was well received for in which the crowd sang so loud the entire Lehigh Valley could hear.  During the song “Are You In?” Brandon Boyd shared his rapping skills of “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu Tang Clan which was a great surprise.  Incubus would end their set with one of their biggest hits “Wish You Were Here” to which had everyone in the crowd singing and raising their hands high in an almost mimicking fashion to Brandon.  Incubus would close out the night with a two song encore that featured “Drive” and “A Crow Left To The Murder”.  The night started off questionable due to the rain, but by the time Incubus finished their fiery set all the rain seemed to evaporate from the Lehigh Valley due to their intense performance.

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