Fright Barker & Sons – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/7/19

Fright Barker & Sons brought their energetic rock ‘n’ roll, devilish swing, and jumping blues back to Musikfest once again.  Even though the rain put a hold on the performance, it didn’t stop the crowd from coming or Fright Barker & Sons from giving them what they want, which was a fun and memorable performance.  For their hour and a half set Fright Barker & Sons ran through their original songs along with covers from multiple artists.  Singer and brass instrument playing extraordinaire Ugly McGlade spent most of his time either on the stage or off in the most charismatic way.  This band doesn’t just give you a show, they give a show and more which isn’t seen out of the majority of free stages at Musikfest.  Each year at Musikfest the crowds for Fright Barker & Sons keep increasing, which isn’t bad for an original band based out of New York, and it is only a matter of time till Musikfest asks them to open for one of the main stage performers.

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