Face To Face / Counterpunch / Don’t Sleep / Brom Bones – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA – 6/23/18

Before Face To Face embarked on an acoustic tour in support of their all acoustic rendition album Hold Fast, they did a mini East Coast tour as a full band.  Direct support for each show was Counterpunch and the other openers were local bands from that area.  For the Lancaster show, Brom Bones opened the show, who are directly local to the area of Lancaster and exhibit the tradition punk rock sound.  Following Brom Bones was Don’t Sleep, which features Dave Smalley on vocals who has been in legendary bands such as DYS, Dag Nasty, Down By Law, and All.  The band is out of Harrisburg, PA and also features members of The Commercials, who were once a well known local band from the area.  The combination makes Don’t Sleep a powerhouse of a band.  Counterpunch haven’t been this active since the around the 2010’s and still put on a fun and energetic show.  The SoCal legends Face To Face performance was one to remember.  For a band that is celebrating 10 years being back as a band, they still put on a show that leaves their fans fulfilled.  With a crowd pleasing setlist and a great cover of “Bikeage” by the Descendents, Face To Face is here to keep their legacy going.

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