Weezer / White Reaper / Ceramic Animal – Muikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/5/19

Love them or hate them, one thing I think everyone can agree on about Weezer is that they are a fun band to see live.  First half of 2019 was a busy year for Weezer, Teal album, which was all cover songs, and the long awaited Black Album was released.  2020 will then see the release of their next album Van Weezer.  Weezer clearly doesn’t play by the rules anymore and it seems like they just want have fun while keeping everyone guessing what will come next.  The same can go for their live shows.  For the Musikfest show Weezer not only didn’t play anything from the Black Album, mind you it just came out and is a shame they didn’t, but they opened their set with “Buddy Holly”.  Some may argue it is their biggest and well known hit, and bands usually play those songs at the end of the set.  Maybe Weezer didn’t want anyone to have to sit through their set to get to that one song, and instead decided played it first and if people leave they leave.  However, no one did, because Weezer fans are ride or die.  For 19 song set, Weezer filled their time with an array of songs from their catalog along with four covers, including a Green Day “Longview” snippet.  Seems Weezer were promoting their Teal album more than their Black album.  Even though maybe one less cover song would have been fine, Weezer is definitely playing by their own rules as no two show setlists are the same.  This show also had White Reaper opening who is making waves with one of the most anticipated albums of 2019.  With a garage rock sound that made Weezer fans reminiscence of the Blue Album.  Also opening the show was local to Bethlehem, Doylestown’s Ceramic Animal.  Dressing in matching suits, Ceramic Animal’s fun indie rock music got the crowd ready for a fun show.  If Weezer picked these openers, they did a good job, for this show should’ve been turned into a tour.

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