Fright Barker & Sons – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/3/18

Once again the ever most energetic, wild, and unpredictable Fright Barker & Sons played Musikfest to a packed crowd.  For anyone not familiar with Fright Barker & Sons, they are one of the most charismatic rock and roll, swing, jive band around.  Having played Musikfest multiple times now, it isn’t just returning fans, but new fans intrigued by their music and stage performance.  Playing a handful of originals and good amount of covers, Fright Barker & Sons have no problem getting the crowd up and involved with their live show.  Singer Ugly McGlade spends most of his time on stage and in the crowd either moving around or interacting with the crowd.  At a Fright Barker & Sons show though, you never know what will happen, they might even play a song twice if you’re lucky.  Depends how much time they have in their set, but if they do, you can bet it will be a different version.  If you happen to see Fright Barker & Sons listed on a show, make sure you catch the show, they don’t play very often, but when they do you can expect them to give you a hell of a performance.


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