The Slicked Up 9’s – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/3/19

A yearly staple to Musikfest’s free concert stages is swing, blues group the Slicked Up 9’s.  Forming during their years at Lehigh University, the Slicked Up 9’s would stay together for over 20 years and played numerous shows throughout eastern PA and beyond.  However, nothing compares to their yearly return to the streets of Bethlehem during Musikfest.  Having a permanent spot in front of Hotel Bethlehem each year now, the Slicked Up 9’s usually don’t have one, but two sets during weekly festival.  Rightfully so, the crowd has progressively gotten larger and larger each year.  With a set filled with covers and a some originals, no matter if you know the songs or not, you will always see people dancing and the ones not dancing will be smiling onward.  This is a band highly recommended to see during Musikfest and it is also free!  Also to mark their anniversary being a band for over 20 years, the Slicked Up’s officially released their first full length on vinyl called Nine Lives.  The album is available at their shows and also online on all streaming services.  Make sure to give it a listen and purchase the vinyl which comes on clear red wax from the band.

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