Brian Fallon / Jared Hart – Crossroads – Garwood, NJ – 12/13/18

Every December Crossroads in Garwood, NJ is treated to about 4 days of early Christmas presents. Brian Fallon does a residency that starts with a few days, but tends to add more due to the overwhelming demand. There is usually a different opener for each night, but you can almost guarantee that one night will feature his friend and old backing band member of the Crowes, Jared Hart.

Jared Hart did a short set that included his solo material, Mercy Union, The Scandals, and one cover. For the amount of people that were there to see Brian, the same amount of people were there to see Jared for each song was sung along by the crowd. Jared has created a reputation as being a kind, sincere, and genuine musician and it translates through his music. Its no wonder why his following is always growing. However, the highlight to his set is when he brings Casey Macalush out to sing backing vocals for “The Leo”, which is usually only during New Jersey shows it seems. The arrangement is always powerful to hear and adds a great layer to the song when seen live.

For the first night at Crossroads, fans were treated to a very heavy Gaslight Anthem setlist. Out of the 13 song set, the Gaslight Anthem songs played were “Biloxi Parish”, “Halloween”, “Great Expectations”, “Wooderson”, and “National Anthem”. Not a bad setlist if you are still coming off the Gaslight Anthem reunion tour high that happened during the summer. Brian was able to also slip in a Horrible Crowes song along with the rest of the setlist being his solo material, which I think any fan would appreciate this entire set. The Crossroads shows are always a unique experience and the most entertaining solo shows Brian does, and to be honest, if there wasn’t a curfew I think Brian would play and talk till the early morning. If you are a fan of Brian or his other music projects, it is worth taking a trip out to New Jersey to catch one of these shows. The area is nice, plenty of neat little shops, and Crossroads has great food and the most friendly people at a bar/venue. Honestly, it is a good spot to lay your New Jersey stereotypes to bed.

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