Gary Clark Jr. / Fiona Silver / Jeremiah Tall – Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA – 8/8/18

On day 6 of Musikfest 2018, rock n roll was alive and well with all credit to Gary Clark Jr. Starting the show off was acoustic folk/blues singer Jeremiah Tall. Being a fairly local musician, Jeremiah also had other dates at Musikfest on side stages, his performance on the main stage garnered attention from the crowd that one hopes they went to those other dates. Up and coming singer Fiona Silver put on a vibrant show with her backing band which gave for an exciting performance. Her vocal range and stage presence makes her a standout in an all male dominant genre and shouldn’t be overlooked. Gary Clark Jr. closed out the night with his signature rock and blues sound in a 16 song set. His set featured songs from all his albums, but featuring more from Blak and Blu. The moody lights and shadows gave a perfect ambiance to his extraordinary guitar playing where one didn’t have to see him or his band, but just feel the music. Gary Clark Jr. may be the best guitar player in rock right now and his live show increases that notion. Closing out his set, Gary Clark Jr. played his version of “Come Together” originally by The Beatles, which was a perfect song to close out a perfect rock show.