Less Than Jake / Punchline – Pat Garrett Amphitheater – Strausstown, PA – 6/4/21

The very first show to photograph after the pandemic and I couldn’t have ask for a better show. Less Than Jake and Punchline, two bands that are always great to see live, and since I missed their tour date together a few years ago this was a perfect redemption. Punchline opened the show and right away you could tell by the smiles on their faces that they were more than happy to be playing an actual show. Their set was short, but they actually played a few older numbers compared to the last time I saw them live. It was a surprise to hear “Green Light” from one of my favorite albums by them, 37 Everywhere. They also played songs from their last album Lion, and of course, since they are in Pennsylvania, “Keystoned” was played. They ended their set with the fan favorite “Universe”, but it seemed like the crowd wanted more. Let it be the withdrawal of live music, or, and I am going with this theory, Punchline sounded good, real good. For not playing a show in months, they played phenomenal, and I would’ve like to hear more songs. Hopefully this pandemic is finally behind us and Punchline can start plotting a headline tour for this year in order for me to get my fix.


Besides their livestream, this was Less Than Jake’s first performance since the shut down and they came at it with everything. From toilet paper guns, their dancing skull mascot, to having a tube man look like their evo kid dance during their set. For a one off show, Less Than Jake didn’t cheap their performance and made it as much of a celebration as any of their tour sets. Chris DeMakes throughout the show kept asking where exactly they were because he explained to the crowd he has no idea there was a place called Shartlesville, emphasis on the shart. He did enjoy his breakfast in Shartlesville though, just had no clue where this location is in accordance to. The venue itself was in a big field in the middle of nowhere, the next closest big city was Reading, but that didn’t stop the crowd from having the night of life. Their setlist included all the fan favorites, but they also finally got to play two new songs from their latest album Silver Linings, “The High Cost of Low Living” and “Lie To Me”. In typical Less Than Jake fashion, they brought up fans to dance on stage which was a family and the daughter’s boyfriend, but they had to be masked to be on stage. Thinking it was masks from COVID, it turned out to be a face mask of the evo kid, which from the crowd was entertaining to see multiple Less Than Jake mascots dancing around the stage. They ended the night with “All My Best Friends are Metalheads” and just like that it truly felt like everything was back to normal. Everyone has been waiting for concerts to come back and seeing a band like Less Than Jake after a pandemic was probably the best remedy. They always put on a good show, but it was everything else they do from the stage antics to the jokes that helped bring a smile to everyone’s face. It was something we all needed after a year and a half.

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