Face To Face / Don’t Panic / Big Green Limousine – Pat Garrett Amphitheater – Strausstown, PA – 6/6/21

For Pat Garrett Amphitheater’s second show back from the COVID hiatus was So Cal legends Face To Face. It may have seemed odd for Face To Face to play an one off show in the little town of Strausstown, but the night before Face To Face played the Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival to which they made a weekend out of playing shows. Strausstown might not be a “B market”, as they say, or let alone a “C market”, but one thing if for sure when Trever Keith asked where everyone was from the answers varied from Pittsburgh to New York. The turnout seemed more in favor of diehard Face To Face fans that were going to travel anywhere to see them after over a year of no concerts and it was a good turnout.

Fairly local to the area, Big Green Limousine kicked off the show. Their bio states they have been around for 21 years and it seemed like they only do one off shows here and there. However, they had a handful of fans in the crowd singing and dancing. Their sound could be compared to bands like the Misfits and Descendents, but the band mentioned Face To Face also had an influence on them. They even mentioned not playing their Face To Face cover they usually play for obvious reasons, but their set sounded good with all originals. The best way to find out more about Big Green Limousine is to keep checking their Facebook page for it seems that is the most update location to find out where they are playing.


From Stroudsburg, PA, Don’t Panic was the next band of the night and even though it was hot it didn’t stop lead singer Ted Felicetti from jumping around on stage during each song. Don’t Panic has been around the PA music scene since 2009 and even though they took a break for awhile they are back with new music and still the carefree pop punk rock and roll sound. Their set included mostly songs from their debut album See Through It All, but they also played their newest song “Woe I” off their newest album Dark Horse which comes out September 3rd. The song fit right in with their older songs, where the music still has constant bop groove that Don’t Panic has perfected. Don’t Panic already has multiple tour dates coming up in support of their new album and it is highly recommended to catch them live if they are near you.


Ending the night with a nice sunset in the distance was Face To Face. This year will mark 30 years that Face To Face has been a band and to this day they still sound as great as they did with always putting on a great show. With nine studio albums under their belt, I could imagine picking a setlist can be a daunting task, but Face To Face play something from each album that showcases their best work. I for one am always happy they play “I’m Trying”, first song I ever heard from them, and “All For Nothing”, which were both played. During their set after a few songs, the band “jammed” or dragged the songs out longer which is something they don’t usually do. Trever Keith jokingly blamed it on the atmosphere of the venue since it was outside and in the grass. He also jokingly said he wished he was out there with everyone just drinking a beer and watching the sunset. The golden hour made for a great backdrop to the show. Before they ended though they brought up a fan to the stage to give him a gift. Backstage the fan, named Pod, told the band that in high school he ordered the “no authority” t-shirt from mail order and when he wore it to school it got ruined by bullies because it wasn’t “punk enough”. Trever scoffed at the comment and as fate would have it, Face To Face actually repressed those shirts and handed Pod a new one. The whole whose punk, what’s the score mentality was very much alive back then as it is today. Yet, it is great to see a band like Face To Face, who are proof that you can overcome these “rules” of punk life, and give back to a fan. 30 years is proof enough, and before they closed out their set Trever announced come September Face To Face will release their 10th studio album on Fat Wreck. A nice surprise to hear after the crazy year we all had. Nothing else was given away and no new song was played, but we all know that when the album drops it will be another great Face To Face album.


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